"Babel On" Vinyl & T-Shirt Bundle

"Babel On" Vinyl & T-Shirt Bundle

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Now available as a bundle the vinyl and t-shirt for $35!

"Babel On" is the debut solo album from The So So Glos' singer Alex Zarou Levine better known as Alexander Orange Drink. The album title, a reference to the biblical Tower Of Babel, evokes a culture lost in a twenty-four hour news cycle while a subversive narrator guides the listener through an interior dystopian landscape. Babel On comes just in time for the rise of global fascism, toward the end of a son of an American’s youth, in the midst of strange and uncertain times.

Freeman Street Records is proud to have Alexander Orange Drink's "Babel On" as their inaugural release. Mainly because this is a great record in the current climate that gets you dancing during the dark times.

Limited Edition "Babel On" White T-Shirt featuring album artwork and lyrics from "Following A Trend"

We are so excited to be working with a really amazing non-profit company Spectrum Designs, a custom apparel business with a social mission – to help individuals with Autism lead productive and meaningful lives through the world of work. Learn more about them, donate, or start your next project with them at the website below:


Alexander Orange Drink is an artist, singer, songwriter and producer. He is the only known rock n' roller in this mortal coil with the rare and life threatening genetic disease, homocystinuria. He is half Arab, half Jew, half city, half suburb, half optimistic pessimist, half pessimistic optimist, half smart, half stupid, half man, half mouse.

Pressing Information

155 Black Vinyl
100 Limited Edition Orange Drink Vinyl
100 (1st Edition) Custom Hand Numbered DIY CD
Originally released September 2018 digital/cd, vinyl release December 20, 2018

50 White T-Shirts with Black Artwork

All bundle orders will be a single shipment.

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