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Baglady "Kevin Sputnik"

In 2018, Baglady released their initial EP, Luxury Condos, through zine and digital format, but the dream of the band was always to have an LP on wax--something tangible that doesn't just live in the digital realm. Over the next three years, Baglady kept on writing and developed the material that would become Kevin Sputnik and hit the studio with beloved Brooklyn engineer, Adam Reich. With tracking completed in 2021, Kevin Sputnik revisits the spirit of Baglady with both its aggressive and delicate moments with as much fidelity as they could summon. Baglady's debut LP is dedicated to their lost friend, Kevin K., whose memory Baglady hopes to honor with Kevin Sputnik's tidal sonic wave.

Freeman Street Records is excited to be working with the hard-working guys in Baglady to help them get their first LP "Kevin Sputnik" out into the world! Available now on Classic Black vinyl.

Conceived and cultivated in NYC, Baglady is the product of four musical creatures seeking to make noise and rock bodies in an aggressive and swaying way. Led by frontman Max Kagan on guitar and vocals, Baglady’s purpose is to get the audience to have as much fun as the band is having. Drawing inspiration from the gallery that is New York in all its attending suffering and exuberance, Baglady consists of Max Kagan (guitar/vocals), Kesting Charney (guitar), Pat Ronayne (bass), and Matt Gaffney (drums). Max and Kesting have been playing and writing together since high school, and with the additions of Pat and Matt joining the fray in 2016, an obscure Seinfeld reference became sonically reborn as Baglady. You can find them in North Brooklyn often using as many as 12 notes and providing free scream therapy in their shows. Other notable current and former projects they have been a part of include Bethlehem Steel (Pat), Dances (Matt), and Heeney (Max).

Max Kagan - Guitar / Vocals
Kesting Charney - Guitar
Patrick Ronayne - Bass
Matt Gaffney - Drums

Produced by Adam Reich & Baglady
Engineered and Mixed by Adam Reich @ Second Base
Mastered by Amar Lal @ Macro-Sound
All Songs written by Max Kagan / Kesting Charney and Arranged by Baglady
Additional Vocals by Riz Mingione
Thank You to Shea Stadium, Nora Dab, Devin Kagan, and AK

Pressing Information

300 Units on Classic Black Vinyl
Available on vinyl and digitally April 23, 2022

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