Bueno "I Was A Thing Of Beauty"

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Bueno "I Was A Thing Of Beauty"

Bueno very much consider themselves a live band first. Their latest record, I Was a Thing of Beauty, was born out of a series of improvised sessions with lyrics being layered in later. But don’t let that mislead you. Language very much lives at the forefront of each track.

I Was a Thing of Beauty showcases the group’s range. Journeying from moody ballads to up-tempo tracks that absolutely rip—one minute you’re crying on the subway, the next your one friend with a car picks you up and you're windows-down, heading to the beach on a perfectly sunny morning. Which is why we here at Freeman Street Records are so happy to have this amazing new album as our next vinyl release. Working with our friends over in Philly at Softwax Record Pressing only 100 records will be pressed on Limited Edition Grey Water Vinyl. Pre-order now to claim your copy now before they are gone.

There’s an intentionality behind the process. Instead of predetermined lyrics about a certain scenario or subject driving the songs, Chiaruttini will pinpoint ‌a very specific feeling and let it grow from there. Oftentimes recording themselves talking over the recorded track before writing anything down, it’s a conversation with the listener.

And you can tell. I Was a Thing of Beauty almost feels more like a handmade playlist than an overly-produced album with compartmentalized, intimate, carefully-chosen moments. It works best as a longform piece versus individual tracks. Don’t hit shuffle; Bueno made you a perfect mixtape.

Listeners get a sense of the improvisational spirit mixed with thoughtful curation through shifting song structures throughout the album. It’s fluid and adaptable, with many of the tracks touching on the objectivity of bodies, and how identities are real, but impermanent. With everything in motion, you get a glimpse at each microcosm as you hear it, knowing it may not be the same when you come back around

Bueno is the type of band whose sound you can’t quite pin down—and that’s a good thing. Pulling inspiration from different decades of New York City music, their music produces a sense of timelessness. A peripheral familiarity that keeps you on your toes. It’s almost as if the city itself is an invisible sixth member of the group, and the combined force creates a presence bigger than any borough. The group is led by Luke Chiaruttini on vocals—with Joseph Imburgio on bass, Michael Gagliardi​​ and Matt Elkin on guitar, and Casey Weissbuch on drums.

The album was recorded at Second Base in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. A studio run by Adam Reich, co-founder of legendary former DIY venue, Shea Stadium.

Produced by Bueno and Adam Reich
Engineered and mixed by Adam Reich
Mastered by Sarah Register
Artwork by Molly Howarth
Photography by Ryan Lavis
Layout by Luke Chiaruttini

Bueno is:
Luke Chiaruttini - words, vocals, synth, additional guitar
Michael Gagliardi - guitar, keys, saxophone
Joe Imburgio - bass guitar, add. keys
Matt Elkin - guitar
Casey Weissbuch - drums

Additional vocals by Velvet Vaughan on Broken Skin
Additional keys, guitar & alt perc by Adam Reich

Pressing Information

100 Units on Limited Edition Color Grey Water Vinyl
(Vinyl Colors May Vary From Photo)
First Single Available Digitally May 12, 2023
Second Single and Vinyl Pre-Order Available May 22, 2023