Ma Jolie "...Compared to Giants"

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Ma Jolie "...Compared to Giants"

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Ma Jolie is a punk band from Philadelphia, PA
This is their first LP released on vinyl by Gruff Beard Records.

Ma Jolie threw themselves full force into the Philadelphia punk scene in 2012 with their debut release ...Compared To Giants. Combining the quick guitars and clever melodies of their post-hardcore namesake Bear vs. Shark with the raw energy of punk heros like Hot Water Music and Samiam, Ma Jolie revamp and revitalize two distinct styles of the late 90s. Merging their influences with a modern day sonic drive, Ma Jolie create a sound with the liveliness and diversity of their hometown.

Bass – Frank Abruzzo
Drums – Jeff Meyers
Guitar, Vocals – Mark Broscoe
Vocals, Guitar – Mike Stoloski

Pressing Information

100 Black
75 Grey Mix (Ma Jolie exclusive)
75 Brown Mix (GBR exclusive)
60 Dark Green (European exclusive from Different Kitchen Records)
Originally released April 2012 digital/cd, released on vinyl July 2013

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