Desaparecidos "Live at Shea Stadium" Vinyl Bundle

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Desaparecidos "Live at Shea Stadium" Vinyl Bundle

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Want both vinyl colors? Grab our Desaparecidos vinyl bundle with two LP's at a discounted price
pre-order now the limited edition first press of Desaparecidos "Live at Shea Stadium" on $$$ Green and Classic Black Vinyl.

Freeman Street Records is honored to announce our next release Desaparecidos "Live at Shea Stadium" This record has been a labor of love for all involved and we are so excited to be working with the acclaimed Omaha, NE punk band. Working again with our friends at Shea Stadium, this LP is our first foray into live records and we are starting off with a rager on Meadow Street! This is the first live offering in the Desa catalog, and the ideal vehicle to experience the wild, raw, anthemic energy of a legendary punk band at the top of their game.

The album was recorded June 25 2015 at the storied Brooklyn DIY space and served as the release show for the band's long-awaited 2nd LP Payola. During a years-long hiatus from Bright Eyes, singer Conor Oberst had rededicated himself to his own seminal punk band Desaparecidos, getting the original all-star lineup of hometown Omaha friends & fam back on the stage and in the studio again after nearly a decade to handle some unfinished business.

We have once again enlisted the vinyl pressing expertise of our friends over at Softwax Record Pressing on this new record. They are Philadelphia's only POC independently owned record pressing plant and their vinyl is magnificent to both the eyes and ears. As record collectors, we cannot wait to spin this gorgeous vinyl on our turntable at home, thanks Kiko, Jordan, and the rest of the team at Softwax!

Side A
1. The Left is Right (Live at Shea Stadium)
2. The Underground Man (Live at Shea Stadium)
3. City on the Hill (Live at Shea Stadium)
4. Radicalized (Live at Shea Stadium)
5. Ralphy's Cut (Live at Shea Stadium)
6. Man and Wife, The Latter (Damaged Goods) (Live at Shea Stadium)
Side B
7. $$$$ (Live at Shea Stadium)
8. Mañana (Live at Shea Stadium)
9. Anonymous (Live at Shea Stadium)
10. MariKKKopa (Live at Shea Stadium)
11. Greater Omaha (Live at Shea Stadium)

Recorded live at Shea Stadium 6.25.15

Desaparecidos: Music & Lyrics
Conor Oberst: Vocals, Guitar
Denver Dalley: Guitar
Ian McElroy: Keyboards
Landon Hedges: Bass, Vocals
Matt Baum: Drums

Produced & Mixed by Adam Reich at Second Base Studios
Mastered by Amar Lal at Macro-Sound
Artwork by Joey Lynch

Pressing Information

500 Units on $$$$ Green Vinyl
250 Units on Classic Black Vinyl
250 Units on Rough Trade Exclusive White Vinyl
Available Digitally April 1, 2022
Vinyl Records expected May/June 2022
All bundle orders will be a single shipment once all records are in hand.

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